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Welcome to my site


My name is Christopher and I live in beautiful Franconia.


I want you once briefly describe how I came to my Benita.

The Rottweiler breed has always fascinated me and when I was able to realize my dream, I saw on the Internet a display of Polish breeder Lewirot. I looked at the picture of the dog to be taught (4 1/2 months old) and my heart was melted away. It was simply love at first sight. Since I'm already gone to Poland, I called from there with the breeder and thought to myself ". Hopefully Benita has not yet been awarded, because I want to see scurrying This girl in my house," I did not tell anybody that I a wanted to bring Rottweiler girl from my trip, because I did not know if my dream comes true or not.


When I phoned the breeder Lewirot and was told Benita is not yet placed, as I immediately got on the train and took my little "Zuckerschnecke" home - it was just fate. When we took the train home, the little mouse was kind of sweet! She made me absolutely no grief. This is still the case today, its nature is unique.


They accompanied me in everyday life, we walk together through town on business it must always and behaves perfectly in hotels and restaurants and even with friends is always a welcome guest. Benita like children, adults and all the animals that she meets. She also swims for her life happy. Of course we go to exhibitions, simply click on the window and you can see what exhibitions we've visited and what results we have achieved.


Benita had to take a mental test, since this is compulsory in Bavaria, and she passed him without conditions.

The Begleithundeprüfung it has also in the bag.

Currently we are preparing for the ZTP and SchH1 in front.


Benita has FCI-papers and is HD / ED-free!